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Are you sick and weary of paying exorbitant roaming fees when visiting other countries? Go no farther than BNESIM, the top provider of travel communications and a two-time winner of the World Travel Awards in 2019 and 2020.

Unlock Global Connectivity:

Travelers, remote workers, and nomad entrepreneurs turn to BNESIM APP as their go-to network option, with over 120 Terabytes of cellular data consumed monthly across the US, UK, and more than 200 countries. Think of us as your cost-effective one-stop virtual SIM and communication provider.

Key Features of BNESIM APP:

1. Instant Calling Card Delivery and Home Internet Connectivity:

Instantly access BNESIM’s primary Simcard and phone service offers. Easily upgrade from anywhere, whether it’s the comforts of home or elsewhere.

2. International Data Plans Marketplace:

Investigate a market offering global data plans, guaranteeing phone coverage and affordable eSIM travel data costs. Experience limitless hotspot connectivity with an infinite number of eSIM profiles on a single device.

3. Call Everywhere, Pay-Per-Minute at Favorable Rates:

With pay-per-minute calling from BNESIM, you can say goodbye to roaming fees. When making calls using the local phone number of the target country, use Smart CLI.

4. International Mobile Phone Numbers:

Using the same this  APP account, activate several landlines, mobile phones, and toll-free numbers from more than 100 countries. With a variety of call termination choices, have a genuine phone experience.

5. Inspiring Conference Rooms:

Organize and conduct meetings with ease. Conference rooms can be accessed via phone, web, or app. You may easily communicate, share displays, and add users by making calls straight from the room.

6. BNE Guard: Protect Your Browsing:

With BNE Guard, a quick and cutting-edge VPN that offers dependable and risk-free encryption, you can protect your online privacy. Retake control and avoid being seen by anyone trying to spy on you.

7. Upgrade to Pro for Advanced Features:

With the BNESIM APP Pro, you can connect your SIP or desktop phone, receive calls on numerous devices, and take advantage of additional features like voice mail, call reporting, and call blocking.

8. Enterprise Treatment:

Enterprise can help you improve your connectivity by providing you with cutting-edge capabilities like virtual PBX, voice and eSIM mobile data plans, AI and static IVR, and app integration.

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